Planning & Public Works Department

Town Hall - Lower Level
120 Stringham Road
LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Phone:   845-452-8562
Fax:   845-452-7692

Eileen Mang - Planning Board Secretary
Claudia Donnellan - Secretary to Administrator of Public Works
Wanda Livigni - Administrator of Public Works


The Department of Planning and Public Works (P&PW) is responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and implementation of Town of LaGrange infrastructure as well as the coordination and management of the Planning Board and assurance of compliance with Planning Board actions. The Department, also, works directly with the Building and Zoning Office in order to ensure compliance in all phases of project development.

P&PW is located in the Town of LaGrange Town Hall, lower level, north side.

In regards to Town infrastructure, P&PW manages all water and wastewater special districts. The Department oversees the Town operators, Environmental Consultants, and assists district residents with issues or concerns they may encounter. P&PW also is responsible for short and long term planning to ensure compliance with Federal, State and County regulations, as well as to promote smart growth within the Town.

Stormwater management and compliance with MS4 regulations is also under the jurisdiction of P&PW in conjunction with the Town Highway Superintendent. The Department regularly assists residents throughout the Town with drainage issues and assists with mitigation, as well as assisting with the management of stormwater special districts. P&PW is also responsible for the protection and compliance of all classified wetlands within the Town.

P&PW works directly with the Town of LaGrange Planning Board through all phases of project development. All submissions, technical assistance, record keeping, Planning Board and consultant coordination is the responsibility of the Department. P&PW is responsible for ensuring field compliance with approved Planning Board projects.

In addition, the Department oversees the management of the Town Engineer, Clark Patterson Lee, and the Town Stormwater Consultant, Stormwater Management Consultants. P&PW routinely conducts Consultant Meetings with the Highway Superintendent to provide technical assistance to Planning Board applicants and Professionals, with involvement of the Planning Board Chairman and or his designee(s). P&PW also manages the utilization of the Town Consultants to ensure and maximize their professional capabilities with infrastructure planning and implementation.

P&PW is responsible for the issuance of the following permits: (Permit applications and instructions are located on the Building, Zoning & Fire Prevention Page)

  • Municipal Water and Sewer Connections
  • Grading
  • Blasting
  • Wetland

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